Generally at a Rosewood camp you can expect to find beginner and intermediate workshops in all your fave folk instruments - tin whistle, guitar, ukulele and fiddle - and some percussion (and perhaps something extra, depending on what our tutors specialise in). Tutors use both learning "by ear" (a folk tradition) and charts for those who like to read, and those ever present mobile devices can come in pretty handy if you want to record a tune or photograph a chart to aid in your learning.

Youth Band for the young at heart, singing, and a Big Ensemble for anyone, and any instrument, are also regular features of camp, along with dance workshops and art activities. Morning Yoga and wildflower walks are also part of the rhythm of camp.

Other workshops are held focused on promoting understanding with Taungurung elders, care for the environment, songwriting and community building.

Spontaneous workshops are also encouraged for anyone with a special interest or talent to share, and there's always the option to jam at the campsite or dining area with whoever happens to be passing by.

Sometimes the camps focus on the music of a particular part of the world or culture. Past places have included Timor Leste, Latin America, Dja Dja Wurrung country (when the camp was held in Roses Gap, Gariwerd) Indonesia, and Africa.