Charnwood Outdoor Education Centre

Our camp is held at the Charnwood Outdoor Education Centre in the beautiful Strathbogie Ranges, North East Victoria. There are a couple of things to highlight:

Plan to arrive in time to set up your campsite in daylight. There are a lot of animals on the road at twilight/night time and it will be much easier to navigate through the Strathbogie Ranges in daylight. Campers can arrive at the camp from Friday midday.

One of the campsites has a separate car park for vehicles. Those not requiring their car to be at their campsite will be encouraged to use this very picturesque site and assistance will be provided to ferry your gear from car to camp. Please note that there is no powered camping available.

The Strathbogie Ranges can be cold and wet in Spring, so make sure that you have adequate bedding and clothing to keep you dry and roasty toasty!

The weather is a little colder in the Strathbogie Ranges so be sure to pack warm clothing (including beanies!) that you can layer on or off as required. Bunkhouses are heated but campers will need to have their 4 season sleeping bags with them! A small number of fireplaces will be provided. Cost of firewood will be provided closer to the camp.

The camp has a main building which houses a classroom, the dining room and 2 bunk dormitories. There are three other Dormitories above the main building and the accommodation ranges from a shared dorm of 14 bunk beds with shared bathroom facilities through to 2 and 3 bed ensuite rooms.

Accommodation choices are unpowered camping or bunkhouse accommodation.
When you purchase your tickets you will need to choose your accommodation at that time. See below for additional information regarding bunkhouses.

Toilet and shower facilities
Some portable showers and toilets will be supplied to the camping areas, however campers can also use the showers and toilets located in the bunkhouses as well. Make friends with a bunker and they can tip you off as to where and when to hit the shower!

Staying on after camp
It's possible to stay at the site after camp finishes, however you will need to arrange this with the camp managers.
Contact them via their website.

Dogs are not allowed at the Charnwood centre so if you have a doggy friend you will have to arrange babysitting for the weekend! Thanks for your co-operation on this.

Trinity Camp (Vans and Campers)

Archers Camp (camping only, cars are nearby in a parking zone).

Bunkhouse Accommodation

If you are wanting a bunk bed you will need to get in early! Many bunk rooms will be allocated on a shared basis. If you have a family group, or a group of compatible friends, who can share a 6, 8, 12 or 14 bed bunkhouse, please let us know when booking your tickets. If there are young children who need to be in the same room as their parents please make sure we know when you book your accommodation. There will be a question on the ticket order form for this. Knowing the age and gender of children accompanying single parents will help us to make suitable groupings as well.

There is a shower and toilet block in Alto bunkhouse. Campers will be able to access this. If you have an en suite in Soprano or Tenor bunkhouses, and know any campers, you may wish to arrange for them to share your en suite shower.

There are no cooking facilities in Soprano or Bass bunkhouses, however there will be a basic camp kitchen setup for those that have purchased bunk beds in either. The kitchen will be situated on a concrete breezeway between the two bunkhouses and will have a microwave, toaster, jug, single burner camp stoves, table and chairs and an outdoor wash-up facility. Punters are welcome to bring their own portable cookers but Rosewood take no responsibility for any injuries etc. caused by privately owned cooking items.

The main dining room is in Bass House. There is a dining room in Alto house, which Soprano bunkers may wish to share.

Dishwashing facilities are available in the Alto kitchen area and campers will be able to access an outdoor wash-up area with two domestic sinks and hot and cold water. BYO detergent and cloths.

Those that have purchased meals will have access to a wash-up trailer adjacent to the main dining room. Crockery and cutlery will be provided for those purchasing lunch or dinner.

There is limited space on the verandah of Bass bunkhouse, and nearby, for a portable cooker if you wish to bring one. There is also space for portable cookers at the back of Alto and Soprano bunkhouses, on the concrete paving (not on the front verandas).

Bring coolers for food and cooking utensils/pans/washup gear etc. All breakfasts will need to be self-catered.

Please bring your own towels, bedding and pillow.

Alto Bunkhouse

Outdoor Activities

Campers with children have the option to participate in outdoor activities over the weekend. Activities cover canoeing, climbing, a flying fox, walks and other fun stuff for those kids who need a bit more action than what’s included in the main camp program, all supported by Charnwood’s friendly outdoor ed. staff.

Parental/carer supervision will be required to ensure an orderly queue.