Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any camp rules about camp fires and provision of fire wood?

The temperature at Charnwood is expected to be around 2-3 degrees colder, and it is wetter on average than at Roses Gap so keeping warm and dry will be an important consideration for campers. Half oil drum fireplaces may be provided at intervals on the two camping areas and a store of firewood will be available. Information about cost will be provided closer to the camp date. There will also be a large fire pit kept burning in front of the main concert and workshop venue throughout the camp.

Do we need to bring our own water supply?

No, all taps at the camp supply safe drinking water, as do the surface taps at the campsites. The creek water is very clean but not treated so it would be best to boil this water if you want to use it for consumption.

What are the arrangements for bunkhouses?

You can find information about the bunkhouse accommodation and amenities on the Location page of this website. Mattresses are supplied, you will need to bring all other bedding and linen including towels and pillows.

What facilities are there for cooking and self-catering?

Campers may be fully self-sufficient for all of their meals, or order dinners and lunches from our camp caterers. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CUTLERY, PLATES AND CUPS.

Because bunkhouse campers have access to very limited self-catering facilities, it is suggested that meals be ordered from the caterers. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CUTLERY, PLATES AND CUPS.

The facilities for breakfast preparation are as follows:

  • There are no cooking facilities in Bass House.

  • There are limited cooking facilities in Alto House kitchen: jug, microwave and toasters suitable for breakfast preparation.

  • There is a ‘camp kitchen’ located in the breezeway between Soprano House and Alto House suitable for breakfast preparation: toasters, jugs and small gas camp-stoves.

Bunkers will need to bring coolers for food and their own eating and cooking utensils.

Dining rooms:

  • The main dining room is in Bass House adjacent to catering servery.

  • There is a dining area in Alto house, and

  • Benches and chairs in the breezeway between Alto and Soprano Houses.

Washing up: There will be No dishwashing trailer this year. EVERYONE IS ASKED TO BRING THEIR OWN EATING UTENSILS AND MUGS TO CAMP. (This includes people who buy their meals). There are washing up sinks in:

  • Alto House kitchen,

  • Alto-Soprano House breezeway, and

  • Bass House (at the back of the main dining room).

I'm local to the area - can I pop in to visit or come for a day or to the concert?

Sorry, no. If you want to be part of the camp you need to buy tickets or volunteer and come for the full 3 days, staying onsite. Years of experience have taught us that the camp works best for everyone this way.

So if you want to come, DO! For the whole 3 days. Please note that due to COVID safe practice tickets need to be purchased BEFORE camp - no ticket sales will be available at camp.

Can I send my child along by themselves to this camp?

Rosewood does not have camp leaders like Somers camp. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult.