2024 Turramurra Volunteers

Music camps like Turra don't happen without volunteers!  

Turra volunteers work approximately 6-8 hours over the camp across different, not-too-difficult jobs to help make the camp a success, and, in return, receive free attendance to the camp. This includes welcoming and registering people on arrival, helping them find their campsite or bunkroom, setting up venues for workshops and main events, supporting tutors with their workshops, maintaining meal areas, replenishing supplies, and helping people with information.

Applying to Volunteer

To secure a volunteer place at Turramurra 2024 (note WWCC or VIT Registration required), please complete the Turra 2024 Volunteer Application form by 9am Monday, 5 February 2024.

If selected, your volunteer ticket will cover your attendance at Turramurra 2024. Please note that partners or children will need to purchase tickets through the regular channels unless they are independently applying to volunteer.

For questions about volunteering, please contact Craig Barrie via email: craig@reallygoodmusiccamps.org.au or phone on 0439 380 373.

Please note that bunkrooms and catering are not included in the Volunteering ticket. To arrange bunkrooms, please contact Jenny Warren at turramurra@reallygoodmusiccamps.org.au.