Workshops & Tutors

2023 Workshops & Tutors

Our camp this year includes a strong African theme, as well as most of our usual cultural treats. 

Dance and drumming from Tanzania and Mozambique (among other countries!) will be led by Suzi Mzuri and her team, whereas the singing workshops will follow a strong South African theme and will be led by Valanga and Andrea Khoza. Throw in some big ensemble pieces from Botswana and beyond, led by Mpaphi Nfandize and Nick Lester, and you've got a big river of African culture.

 To round out your weekend of music, pick and choose between classes in fiddle, cello, ukulele, guitar, whistle, youth group, art, yoga and Taungurung culture. Art and whistle will also involve African culture. The fiddle and cello sessions will focus on Irish music.

 The Welcome Concert, the Bush Dance, and of course the final concert will reflect bits and pieces of the cultural programme. There will also be plenty of informal music making (jam sessions), and a chance for collaborating on items for the final concert. 

Gianni Boragine 

Mickey O’Donnell

Haley Goddefroy

Dubhessa Bryant 

Sile Coleman

Past Tutors


Laura Belfrage

Aaron Silver

Aaron's Big Sing

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