Planning Team

Andy Rigby, Nicole Rowan, Jill Findlay, Jackie Chanzi, Vera Herman, Danny Silver, 

Stephen Breheny, Annabelle James, Anna Moran.

The planning committee is once again in full swing and super excited to be offering a wonderful music camp for 2024!

Even though we were disappointed with a COVID induced cancellation to the 2021 camp, the spirit of the Rosewood Music Camp community and the flexibility and generosity of our service providers (camp manager, caterer, marquee hire, sound and light, etc.), tutors and volunteers was, as always, amazing. The enthusiasm, optimism, and commitment of our camping friends and families kept us going and we are looking forward to seeing you all again and making some fantastic music and memories.

We will see you soon!

Andy, Nicole, Vera, Jackie, Annabelle, Stephen, Jill, Anna and Danny

Rosewood Music Camp Planning Team

A classic 2021 zoom snapshot of the previous planning team! (Anna, Stephen and Danny not pictured).