Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to bring our own water supply?

No, all taps at the camp supply safe drinking water, as do the surface taps at the campsites.  The creek water is very clean but not treated so it would be best to boil this water if you want to use it for consumption.

What accommodation is available?

Accommodation choices are unpowered camping or bunkhouse accommodation.
When you purchase your tickets you will need to choose your accommodation at that time. See below for additional information. Please note that there are only limited number of bunks available so please book early.

Bunkhouses - bunk rooms are shared and are not private. The more information you provide when booking your tickets, the easier it is for us to provide you with an appropriate shared arrangement. There will be a question on the ticket order form for this. For example:

Mattresses are supplied, you will need to bring all other bedding and linen including towels and pillows.

Camping - you can camp in a caravan/campervan or in tents. There are separate locations for each. All camping is unpowered and generators are not allowed. If you require power for medical reasons, please contact us and we can make arrangements for you.

What facilities are there for cooking and self-catering?

Camp Catering - delicious catered meals including vegan and gluten free are provided but you MUST pre-book meals and there is an additional cost to this. The link to book meals can be found under the Catering tab on the website.

Campers may be fully self-sufficient for all of their meals, or pre-book meals from our camp caterers. If you are self-catering, you must bring all of your cooking equipment - you may use the limited bunkhouse facilities. Water for drinking and cleaning is available in the camping areas.

Bunkhouse campers - if you are staying in the bunkhouse and self-catering …

Dining rooms - there are undercover dining spaces outside the main kitchen in addition to the large main dining room in Bass House (the main kitchen). 

There is a dining area in Alto house and benches and chairs in the breezeway between Alto and Soprano Houses.

I'm local to the area - can I pop in to visit or come for a day or to the concert?

Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to manage day tickets.  If you want to be part of the camp, please purchase a ticket or volunteer and come for the full 3 days, staying onsite. 

Please note that all tickets need to be purchased BEFORE camp - no ticket sales will be available at camp.

Can I send my child along by themselves to this camp?

Rosewood does not have camp leaders like Somers camp. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult. This adult must be identified when registering. 

Are there showers for the campers?

Campers can access the showers located in the Soprano bunk house. There are no portable showers. 

What are the toilet facilities?
Portable toilets are located throughout the camping areas. Campers can also use the toilets located in some of the bunkhouse areas. Details will be on the map provided to you at the camp.

Can I bring my pet?
Pets are not allowed at the Charnwood Centre so you will need to arrange babysitting for the weekend! Thanks for your co-operation with this. Exceptions apply for working Assistance Animals only (not those in training).

What will the weather be?

The Strathbogie Ranges can be cold and wet in Spring, so make sure that you have adequate bedding and clothing to keep you dry and roasty toasty! Pack warm clothing (including beanies!) that you can layer on or off as required. Boots are also recommended. Bunkhouses are heated but campers will need to have their 4 season sleeping bags with them! A small number of fireplaces will be provided. 

Are there any camp rules about fires and firewood?

Keeping warm and dry will be an important consideration for campers.  A number of half oil drum fireplaces will be provided at intervals on the two camping areas and a store of firewood will be available. There will also be a large fire pit kept burning in front of the main concert and workshop venue throughout the camp.

Can I stay at the campsite after the camp is over
It's possible to stay at the site after camp finishes, however you will need to arrange this with the camp managers.
Contact them via their website.

Vehicle access

The road is suitable for all cars, including those towing caravans. However, recent weather can affect the quality of the roads leading to the campsite and the campsite itself. If there is a lot of rain, please be prepared for slow and careful driving to take account of potholes. Please only drive on appropriate roadways to avoid becoming bogged. 

Health Matters

There is a qualified medical doctor on site at all times during the camp. People with medical issues such as allergies, food intolerances, epilepsy, diabetes or other significant conditions should advise the medical team at the camp of their health issues on arrival. If you are at risk of any acute health issues it is REALLY important that we know so we can provide you with essential care! Please provide this information prior to or on arrival.

Before you leave for camp, please ensure you have packed all the medications you need to take regularly because we cannot supply medications and the nearest pharmacy is in Benalla.

All attendees are asked to take a RAT test before you leave for camp to be sure that you are not unknowingly infectious with Covid. If you or someone in your test positive, please stay home and notify us as soon as possible at info@reallygoodmusiccamps.org.au